Thursday, July 13, 2006

Are You a Christian or Are You Saved?

Are you a Christian or are you “Saved?” Should you turn the other cheek or fight back? It’s hard to say these days. I’ve been listening to a popular local talk radio host this morning, and there have been a number of calls about what the difference is between being Christian and being “Saved.” Some callers seem to think that you have to live a meek, humble existence and constantly forgive those who wrong you to be “Saved.” They seem to believe that if you have fight injustice wherever you find it and become belligerent and vocal about it, you’re not “Saved.” But what would Jesus do? A little of both, I think. He called out the Pharisees and the Sadducees for their wrong-doing, but He always kept his cool and never allowed them to upset Him, even when He was crucified.

I think we ought to emulate Him. We should always fight against injustice, but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to wallow in the mire that others have created. We don’t have to get down on their level. We need to be proactive and productive in creating better communities, better governments, and better educational institutions. We don’t need to rant and rave. We need to keep our cool and win our opponents over with logic and righteousness, not by calling them all manners of epithets, especially when we’re talking about our own people. Ever heard of diplomacy? If we’re going to call politicians down about the way they vote, then let’s look at their record and take our vote to the ballot box accordingly. Let’s speak out for candidates who will serve our communities well. Let’s research the facts of situations and individuals before going off half-cocked when we hear a rumor. Don’t be afraid to call or send e-mail to your local politicians and question them about matters that concern you. There’s no need to attack them personally – just let them know what matters to you and demand some accountability and follow-up to your concern. That’s what Jesus would do – whether he was “Saved” or not.


At Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 10:26:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger Robin Landry said...

Well said! I guess I wonder why people look at being "saved" and being a "Christian" and an "Either/Or" situation. I've always felt that being "saved" was just Step 1. Confess your sins and accept Jesus in order to be saved, but don't stop there. To be truly one of God's on you have to follow up by emulating Christ. And as you put it so well, Jesus was loving and compassionate and forgiving at times, but He also knew how to call people out when He needed to. The rest of us could use that kind of balance.


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